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  • VideoNotion - Interaktive Videos
  • VideoNotion - Interaktive Videos

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Successful Interactive Video Messages

Interactive Videos from VideoNotion are groundbreaking. They raise the awareness of your offers, sustainably increasing your success this way, because: The user chooses what he wants to see in the video, making a conscious decision.


Astound your users with added interactivity. Reach a bigger target group and increase your trade rate. VideoNotion is the tuning system for your video messages.

Content Marketing

Nothing connects more than moving pictures. Astound with a special plus.

Corporate TV

Create emotion and experiences. Involve and inspire your visitors.


With interactives videos you raise the click numbers by 130 percent.

Education / Learning

Shape a new culture of knowledge that becomes alive for everyone.

Human Resources

Stand out from the crowd and show that certain something.


The chances of the Web demand a new, media-transcending thought.

VideoNotion in Detail

VideoNotion offers a complete portal for creation and distribution of interactive videos in professional applications - safe and ad-free! So you can be one step ahead.

Data Management

Manage all data in the safe VideoNotion portal. All data is saved solely in Germany.


All files are automatically converted into the needed format so they are loadable on every terminal device.


The integrated VideoNotion Editor is the comfortable way to bring interactivity into your video - no technical knowledge is required.


Integrate videos simply via Embed Code. The VideoNotion Player automatically detects the right format for the respective output device.


Tell your story in the video, directly involving the viewer. His attention is guaranteed.


With channels, you can easily group your interactive videos by topic and offer variety to the viewer.


Send your interactive video messages and communicate with the recipient of your message.


Via NotionApp you can embed customized functions into the platform to achieve the greatest flexibility possible.


Video is the trend medium of the future. All data and statistics confirm: Videos attract verifiably greater attention and increase the conversion rate for product- and self-marketing. Interactivity significantly enhances this effect.

Good pictures don't come off the rack. And the audience - your audience - is probably more critical than you think. Intervideo is a film production agency specialized in custom-made company pictures that excite the target group. Creative, reliable, calculable - and internationally awarded.

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Supported by the KfW banking group, Gründungswerkstatt Deutschland is a project association of industry, craft and trade boards as well as founding initiatives. The GWD supports you in planning and implementation of your business formation - free and noncommittal.

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You want to apply for a job and wish to distinguish yourself from a multitude of other applicants? You want the staff manager to catch on your application, remembering you also at second glance? Than use a different, modern way to apply: by video application.

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